Some long overdue credits for the (Free) libraries & programs I use to make my work. Because on one hand it might appear I did everything from scratch and on the other to funnel people interested to the appropriate channels that inspired and guided me in my work.

Pattern (by Tom De Smedt  developed at CLIPS with Walter Daelemans)
I use this module to mine data from twitter & google, create infinitives from verbs and singulars from plural words. The package contains a whole lot more functionality though, including expansive text analysis & visualisation that in contrary to my subjective wordlists is being developed in an attempt to create an objective interpretation of textual content, so for more info/download visit the link below. On a side note Tom also helped me get deeper into coding, introduced me to the world of computational linguistics and guided me when I started working on the compositions with content impact.
Pattern @ CLIPS

PyWordNet (a python based interface for Wordnet 3.0 developed at Princeton university)
I use PyWordNet’s python interface to Wordnet (3.0) as a failsafe to categorize words that aren’t in any wordlist yet to facilitate updating my dictionaries and reduce the manual search-copy-paste. I still use PyWordNet, but it has now been merged into Natural Language Toolkit so look there for newer versions.
Wordnet 3.1

Nodebox ( by Frederik De Bleser, Stefan Gabriëls developed @ EMRG with Lucas Nijs )
The application I’ve been using to visualize my work and that got me acquainted and passionate about code. I still use Nodebox 1.0 (fearing the inevitable shift to a newer version), but they’re at 3.0 right to find out more visit the link below.
EMGR – Nodebox


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