Finally got around to continue, did some more tweaking on dictionary impact. I’ll do the full review on all the new implementations somewhere in the near future. It’s alot to write down, so I’ll do it all at once, instead of constantly micro-describing every change since everything constantly shuffles around. So I’ll just post-pone the explaining untill a more final version. In the coming weeks I’ll be finishing the basic structure and dictionary impact and after that add in the new imagery.

Other great news I’ll be participating with a few works at “Sounding Drawing” from October 20th October to the 15th of November at the Woodend Barn, in Banchory, Scotland.

Excerpt exhibition Description taken from Sounding Drawing Blog:
Imagine what a Miro artwork might sound like. Consider the visual aesthetics of the Cardew score. How do these trigger visual and sound experience? Sounding Drawing is an exhibition, performance and workshop that explores the boundary space between sounding and drawing.

The dialogue between both artforms confronts experiences of time and space. Trace, gesture and sound patterns emerge in a process of multi-perceptual experience.  It is here that a drawing becomes a score, that a code triggers improvisation, that the rythm of the body encounters the time of the clock, that the horizon of the eye merges with the track of the ear, and that the individual enters a shared experience.

As a generative process, we will work with participants to explore individual’s responses to visual ‘scores’ or score-like drawings to embodied sounds and musical patterns. This experimental process has the potential to surprise and go beyond the initial intentions and materials, creating new work and experiences.

In my case it will be an interesting chain reaction. The works will be a series of abract compositions based on weekly twitter opinions concerning one or two topics. So the scores produced will be based on series of compositions that will be based on the weekly opinions of people on twitter. So opinions make visual art and music.

The next weeks I’ll just be posting a weekly image result of specific twitter subjects to represent the weekly shift in opinions.

On my other occupations, I’m learning unity 3D to on one side build apps for income and on the other to have the ability to get familiar with C#, another side of programming ( / scripting ;)) and interactive 3D.  For SATCIC, the plan is to make the translation of invisible cities in print and in a 3D version in which you walk (in a straight line) through each page/composition summary. So in a way you can walk through the invisible cities.


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