Text used: first 15 paragraphs of Invisible Cities by Calvino. I also added words to test the change in image structure.  Mostly worked on pos/neg and order(static)/disorder(chaos).
-> Image on the left, Added Impacting Textual content = Adjectives: Positive+order.
-> Image on the right, Added Impacting Textual content = Adjectives: Negative+disorder.
——> Dominant descriptive impacting categories in text is architecture. (mainly because I havn’t gotten to object, nature and object yet, more on that later.)
Lines are the google lines, made up out of google images. I collected the first 100 images with each category search (e.g. the first google shows for a word like architecture) then I used these images to create lines, which are the basis for the (visual) image creation.


(TEXTUAL CONTENT = 2 random paragraphs/selections of Invisible cities) Made a few new lines for architecture and one for nature, I want to finish the “behind the scenes” work first before I throw myself in the images. Everything has to be fixed and in place (more or less) to get overview. Besides, the line images need to be perfect for the final composition to work, so it’s going to take alot of time and focus to make all of them. So first things first for the moment.

Example textual content disorder (img left) vs order (img right).

A coordinate pattern test, I will probably side-track to a version that just translates text to geometric shapes. Geometry is also a visual language, which makes it easier to create consequent visual translations.

Other work was mainly on the process itself, I optimized the entire code to increase the run speed and recuded it to more or less 2500 lines (came from over 7000) and improved other technicalities. Also did some work on the dictionaries now there are 23 different kinds of content. Which is alot but still, it’s hard to subjectively subdivide everything into appropriate categories.


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