First live composition



“Hi, this is a dynamically generated composition based on the content of what I am talking about. Dragon converts my words to text and I consequently converts it to a composition. I’ll describe what I see in my room. A lamp on the desk is a shining into my eyes, while I am speaking to my laptop, a strange sight indeed. Next to me lies an ashtray that is filled to the top, beside it lies my mobile phone. I am just going to sum up some things in function of a result because writing a novel just to the show an example seems a bit over the top. Notice that I have kept the faults in this text to show the accuracy of Dragon. Cigarettes mobile phone papers then scissors shelf arm length knows body scarf air finger hair book; beer tobacco in addition coffee mug medicine screen speakers like your Palm feet window tree leaves branch school wall street street lighting roof for floor hard disks.”

First live composition

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